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Comprehensive Affiliate Provider Network

AVOW has organized a valley wide affiliate provider network to help deliver primary, specialty, and home healthcare as well as screening and diagnostic imaging services to veterans who cannot be seen in a timely manner by the VA. If you are a veteran and meet VA criteria to choose your own healthcare provider please call (844) 750-AVOW (2869) or click HERE to request an appointment online.
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Primary Healthcare

AVOW's affiliate primary care providers are the best the valley has to offer. The VA inspector general recently found that the average wait time for Phoenix, AZ veterans to be scheduled for a primary care appointment is 115 days; this is unacceptable. AVOW pledges to respond to veterans who contact us within 48 hours to schedule thier primary care appointment. AVOW will reduce wait times for veterans who qualify to choose our affiliate provider network for primary care services by more than 90%.
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Specialty Healthcare

Veterans requiring specialty healthcare should recieve it as soon as possible. Waiting extended amounts of time to recieve specialty healthcare is unacceptable, particularly for veterans, and even more so for veterans suffering from severe physical, mental, or emotional injury incurred while serving our country. Our specialists are dedicated to serving the veterans that serve us. Be confident your primary care visit will be followed up with excellent specialty healthcare whenever necessary.
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Home Healthcare

We understand some veterans cannot make the trip to a hospital or clinic to receive the healthcare they need regardless of wait times or distance. For this reason AVOW has added home healthcare services to its affiliate provider network. If a veteran qualifies to choose their own provider but is not physically able to travel to that provider's clinic, then AVOW will schedule an appointment with a home healthcare affiliate.
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Screening And Diagnostic Imaging

To ensure that veterans recieve all the healthcare services they need AVOW has added screening and diagnostic imaging centers to its affiliate provider network. Medical imaging and radiology interpretation add value to primary and specialty care patient outcomes. We are pleased that our affiliate provider network includes imaging services.
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