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Message To Veterans:

As members of AVOW and our respective communities, AVOW pledges to make its affiliate network of physicians available to provide timely healthcare access to local veterans. The goal is to prevent unnecessary wait times and dangerous delays in healthcare for veterans.

U.S. veterans not having timely access to quality healthcare services is unacceptable. AVOW will assist the Veterans Administration to overcome its stated deficiencies.

Physicians and veterans have much in common. Both take an oath of service or office acknowledging a definitive code of ethics. Veterans take an oath to support and defend the constitution of the Unites States of America. Physicians take an oath to provide appropriate patient care and contribute to activities which improve communities.

In the spirit of community and the American Medical Association Code of Ethics, AVOW and its affiliate physicians pledge to support and improve our communities by providing veterans with timely access to quality healthcare.

With Honor and Respect,
Salvatore Augone
Founder and Chairman - AVOW

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